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Tambuwal Blasts El-rufa’i, Says He’s Jittery Over PDP Sokoto Rally


By Akanimo Sampson

Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State has taken on his former political brother on the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Kaduna State counterpart, Nasir El-rufa’i, on his seeming nervous reaction to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential rally that took place on Mnnday in Sokoto.

El-rufa’i in a seeming unkindly attack to the party that made him politically, claimed that PDP hired supporters from Niger Republic during the flag off of the North-West zone Presidential campaign in Sokoto.

Apparently unwilling to let the Kaduna governor go away with the attack, fired back at El-rufa’I saying his blatant lie, is an evidence of a politically frightened man desperately attempting to score cheap political goals.

Tambuwal who spoke through his Special Assistant on Public Enlightenment and Mobilisation, Akibu Dalhatu, in a statement said, ‘’the outcry by El-rufa’i is a testimony to the fact that APC and its leadership were shocked by the gargantuan crowd the rally recorded in Sokoto which serve as the final burial of APC government in the North-West and Nigeria in general because of perpetual failure, bad leadership, massive corruption, failure to end terrorism and other security challenges bedeviling our nation since the inception of Buhari’s administration in 2015’’.

‘’For the purpose of setting the record straight, El-rufa’i should not forget so soon that his hands were deeply involved in messing up of the present administration as a result of his bad governance and policies as a governor of Kaduna state, through mass sacking of innocent primary school teachers, unnecessary demolition of peoples landed properties, disregards and disrespects to traditional rulers, Northern elders, leaders and other respected institutions, escalation of insecurity, refusal to obey the court orders and rule of law among several others’’, the statement said.

‘’El-Rufai is coldhearted’’, the statement went on,.’’it was the same Northwest people that he and his party begged for support in 2015, but because the failure of APC government, incessant hunger and poverty all over the region, that have made them to decamped to PDP, He is now calling them foreigners’’.

Continuing, it added, ‘’what scared El-rufa’i and his co-travellers was the success recorded at the Sokoto PDP campaign rally. The Sokoto gathering no doubt instilled fear in the minds of El-rufa’i and his cohorts so much that in their wildest imagination their party, the APC will find it impossible to record a replica of such mammoth crowd in any state of the North-West including El-rufa’i’s own state of Kaduna. We therefore challenge El-rufa’i and APC to do same if at all they can in any of the state in Northwest.

‘’With Governor Tambuwal at the helm of affairs in Sokoto and campaign coordinator of PDP in North-West, El-rufa’i will receive the shock of his life in Kaduna and entire North-West during the fourth coming general election.

‘’Tambuwal as master political strategist who became second during the Presidential primaries of PDP will defeat APC hands down and deliver the entire North-West to PDP because of massive support, love and loyalty of the people of the Northwest to him.

‘’Governor Tambuwal appreciates the political courage of the entire people of North-West, their support and loyalty to PDP and sincerely thanks them and appeal to them to come out en masse during the forthcoming general election to lead PDP to victory.’’


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