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Tony Akan And Uruan State Constituency 2019


By Micheal Joseph Okon.

In Uruan local government area today, the best of political permutations from the best of gladiators are in a state of dilemma based on available  quality and capability of aspirants. The likes of Mr Emmanuel Nicholas Okokon (White Bom Bom) from Central Uruan sure do have the nod of many for the hallowed Chambers, Hon Aniekan Bassey no doubt  has the constitutional right to seek a second term subject to his acceptability by the very people he represented within a  four year period, the question in the minds of many is; does he deserve a second term? What has been his scorecard so far?

The tingling seemingly impossibility in the minds of many is the interest of Rt Hon Anthony Jude Akan, some call him EyenAbasi, I call him the Street Governor of Uruan local government area. Like him or hate him, he has what it takes to curry grassroot support beyond biases and come 2019, anyone without street credibility might have hard time facing APC.  In a brief chat with this enigmatic, self motivated, people oriented leader you only envision that resounding note of confidence based on a salient call to serve his people.

In his words, its technically true that Zoning for Uruan State Constituency favours Central Uruan but in practice its not feasible as they already have Hon Henry Isaiah as Executive Chairman after a prolonged stay of Dr Edwin from the same Central Uruan as Transition Chairman, this argument if taken seriously (and its perceived as already trending in the minds of the generality of Atakpos) in decision making by The Leadership of The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom State might have another zone and political block in Uruan occupying the seat in trust for Central Uruan for the moment for a zone must not have too major offices at the same time frame just as a party faithful is prohibited by the party’s constitution to exist in dual capacity of authority at the same time frame.

If not White Bom Bom of Central Uruan, Who else fits the yearnings of Uruan People, Who can hold that office in trust? Pundits think Tony Akan has his way with the electorates and is more grounded and acceptable across Uruan Nation.

2019 Election is a peculiar one considering the Ruling party antics and tactics of cruelty seasoned with unimaginable unreasonableness. While we are angling for zoning and second term,let’s also take into consideration Experience and Acceptability of aspirant if PDP must win in Uruan local government area.

Tony Akan might be from the all Mighty Mbiaya Uruan that hails the likes of Rt Hon Usenobong Akpabio, Obong Godwin Ntukudeh, Engr Offiong Usen Akpabio, PDP Woman leader, and Even the Chapter Chairman of PDP, yet what counts is capacity to deliver overwhelmingly. It is also argued in uncommon quarters that If PDP Ward Chairmen were to Endorse a candidate for Uruan State Constituency, its possible for the Name Tony Akan to Stand out, if Councillors were to Endorse a Candidate for Uruan State Constituency, its possible for Tony Akan to have the Majority of Councillors if not all, these are salient realities that must be taken into consideration while seeking who is capable of delivering the divine mandate in Uruan come 2019,these is yet to be proven though.

2019 election is not going to be a tea party, its going to be a serious business of experienced political veterans cum electorates who will vote and *make sure* their votes count.

In the words of Imoh Okon while Endorsing Senator Bassey Albert for Senate 2019;

” *rotation’ of political office is different from ‘zoning’, hence should not be mixed up in the course of campaigning for 2019…*

” *that 2019 election will not be a ‘tea party’, hence credible, reliable and a popular candidate must be field as, according to him, votes will count* .”

A careful look into the grammar of Zoning and Rotation, cum streamlining of candidates for 2019 election calls for serious,zero mistake on who flies Uruan State Constituency flag.

*Let the Party Decide*


*© Micheal Joseph Okon* writes from Ituk Mbang, He is the International President *Uruan Supreme Youths Association*


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