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Uche Nwosu Was Okorocha’s Driver; Had No Name Until He Married Rochas Daughter – Hon. Kingsley


The recent statement credited to Uche Nwosu, the Chief of Staff to Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha that he has built strong name and political brand before coming in contact with the family of Rochas has continued to raise dust from those who know him prior to his being ‘adopted’ into political glare by his father-in-law Rochas Okorocha.

Describing the statement as most ridiculous, Hon. Prince Kingsley Uwanuakwa described Uche Nwosu as a sheer gold digger who has no political clout or experience to become a governor of a State.

“Even with the support of his godfather and father-in-law, the incumbent governor of Imo State, aside from being a young man, Uche Nwosu has no prerequisite experience or the political influence to hold any serious political post.  This is a young man Rochas used to corner lands belonging to Imolites for himself when he (Uche Nwosu) worked for him as Commissioner for Land”

“Uche Nwosu has been with Rochas for over 22 years by my calculation.  He possibly started as Rochas personal Driver.  We know what transpired when he cleverly sneaked into the family of Rochas.  Rochas initially resented him and vowed that such a nobody like Uche would ever marry his daughter.  It took the intervention of people for Rochas to accept it as fate, more especially when it was learned that the lady in question was pregnant for Uche Nwosu.  So coming to make a claim of his political clout at this point is most ridiculous.  It shows a man who will go haywire when power is given him”.

Hon. Uwanuakwa took a swipe at Rochas claim that he would make Uche Nwosu his son-in-law his successor, while he would ensure that his deputy and himself move to the Senate.  He called the dream a cheap bubble in the winds that would soon be deflated.

“In a decent clime, Rochas claim is considered a crime because, in a democratic setting, no one fixes anyone in any elective position except the electorates.  Rochas has in his exuberance revealed his sinister plan of eroding the choices of the electorates by imposing candidates of his choice.  This is resistible and of course, would be resisted by the Imolites.  They’re not fools.  Imolites are so well informed for this cheap game Rochas wants to play”.

“Rochas thrive on deception and manipulation.  Power has gotten into his head.  Otherwise, how can someone who is leaving no political legacy behind in Imo State be planning to launch himself and his cohorts into different political offices.  Who will vote them in?  Are they not the electorates? We can only wait and see the magic wand he possesses.  Unless he wants to tell us he has turned Imo leadership into the Banana Republic”

Hon. Uwanuakwa said that all the projects, including roads Rochas claimed to have constructed, are already dilapidating even when he has not left office.  He said that Rochas is eroding on the political norm of rotating governorship positions to ensure that every side has a shot at the government house in Imo State. He said

“There’s a political norm in Imo State and virtually in all South East State where power is rotated among all the component political units and constituencies.  This has since the inception of this democratic dispensation ensured unity, tolerance, equity, and fairness.  It has further ensured safety and security of the people.  Rochas out of selfishness wants to introduce the height of political irresponsibility which Imolites must resist.  Rochas cannot eat his cake and have it”.

He warned Uche Nwosu and Rochas to give way for creative leadership in Imo State as Imolites have seen worse under Rochas Okorocha’s leadership.



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