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Udom Emmanuel And His Overcoming Faith


Micheal Joseph Okon -Uruan

X-raying Mr Udom Emmanuel’s multifaceted, result oriented character often leaves one with a sense of guilt that not enough  can be said about such near perfect  personality. Could it be that God has special moulds for his privileged few or could we claim much knowledge of our world has placed Mr Udom Emmanuel in this special class?

What unexplainable confidence exudes from the man Udom Emmanuel when mortal forces gangs up against the best of intentions? What pureness of heart, what calmness of soul amidst raging storms?  Like a Lion he strides unperturbed. His quietness must be disturbing and rattling acclaimed political gladiators and demigods who have sworn not to be buried with their heads in Ukana if God should  ever grant Udom2019 as a reality. Be it as it may, we say so be it, the heavens have heard and confirmed the contest of mortals against God that rules over the affairs of men.

” *God should give me the kind of Successor, I have been to my Predecessor* “- Gov Udom Emmanuel.

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While many are struggling with 2019, this enigma of a Governor is thinking of a successor come 2023. What a way to move on in life. That is the more than conqueror God  kind of life,little wonder his life and visions are beyond his generation.  Mr Udom Emmanuel thinks 20 years ahead of his foes,thus he floors them with ease.

If Mr Udom Emmanuel was decietful to his predecessor, he would never pray for God to give him a Successor that will frustrate him as in the false picture created for political gains by the ungratefulness of bad history.

Nothing brings God into play like when mortals play God. We envisage failure for Nsima and Akpabio because they boast in their strength and might while Udom makes his boast only in God having done and is yet doing whatever is required of the office for the good of Akwa Ibom people.

We shall not attempt to outline the numerous achievements of Gov Udom Emmanuel, let’s leave that to the conscience of the beneficiaries across the state to vote.A vote for Udom Emmanuel 2019 shall mean a vote for more hospitals like Ituk Mbang General Hospital, Etinan General Hospitals and the likes, a vote for Udom2019 shall mean more roads, more capacity building, more freedom,peace and choice of the good life for our children and their future.

Mr Udom Emmanuel has changed the narratives of governance from waste to resourcefulness, Mr Udom Emmanuel has ingrained in the system the right attitude of honesty, Integrity and dignity as against the madness of deceit on impulse for self preservation as seen in should have been distinguished representatives.

To some  politics means politricks, but to Mr Udom Emmanuel, politics is good governance,good leadership, politics means participatory governance that demands accountability.

We will prefer Mr Udom Emmanuel has Governor a thousand times over compared to the adrenaline rush of failed  and dishonourable men whose stock in trade has always been to plunder our common wealth for themselves and their in-laws while the average Akwa Ibom child goes a-begging, a-borrowing and a-sorrowing while depending on peanuts from politically motivated generosity.

Have you noticed that Governor udom has humbled the madness of crowd gathering at the airport to welcome deceitful leaders?  To Gov Udom Emmanuel youths should be gainfully engaged rather than be deployed to wave hands at those who have stolen their destiny while they grumble home with N500 or N1000 for a wasted day.


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What more can we say about this conquering faith of Mr Udom Emmanuel in results seen across the state than the jamboree of failures who brag in terms of Federal might?

As the D day draws close, it’s pertinent that we stand  on the side of justice, fairness and equity, it’s needful that we fight on the side of the gods against mortals who wish to play God.

Campaign for Udom Emmanuel and support good governance. *#Udom2019AdoReady*


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