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Udom Emmanuel; Putting Things Right For Our Future


By Micheal Joseph Okon.

We have always believed that Governor Udom Emmanuel means well for this state  having made his wealth from the private sector before the providential entry into politics and being one contended with that which he has,its not in him to overstretch and covet public funds for selfish gains . We are yet to convince myself in the contrary even as election year draws close. Over the years as Chief Executive Officer of this great state,we have witnessed his clout gathering stress free and at rest for result speaks for themselves. This is one exceptional leader that is keeping a clean record that wouldn’t have EFCC chase him after his tenure in office, We can bet Udom Emmanuel wouldn’t need the Governor after him to cover his track. Of a truth when the Passion is right anything is possible.

We have this slogan in the umbrella youth group; Coalition Of Youth Leaders(CYL) In Akwa Ibom State which goes thus;

*CYL…Putting Things Right For Our Future*

We have always viewed and believed that with Governor Udom Emmanuel the destiny of unborn generation is secured. A none biased, none ethnic nor tribal leader. One who shuns the thought of nepotism. Selfless to a fault and sacrificial to maintain peace even between friendly enemies. To Udom Emmanuel, the next election is not the issue,the upcoming election has never been about Udom Emmanuel, rather it has always been about performance and empathy with the downtrodden and forgotten of the society.

His unprecedented spread of development across the state, beyond ethnic divides and Senatorial district colouration has proven his core to the reasonable ones amongst us.  We have no doubt in our hearts that Udom Emmanuel will end as the most valued,loved and respected Governor after 2023 for not diverting tax payers sweats, Paris Refund nor monthly allocation for mortal fame. This anticipated trajectory based on past record within a limited time frame is sure unsettling not a few.

We have read through unthinkable rejoinders to the much talked about; *ALL IS NOT WELL* unfortunate political antics and *ALL IS WELL* affirmations of realities on ground and as a group of responsible youths in this great state we make bold to say that *All Is Well With Our Leaders and this great state.*

Reconstruction they say is harder than construction. Udom Emmanuel finds himself in a Reconstructing disposition, he is more of a breach builder,he is more of a “re-arranger”, redirecting our resources for efficient used, remoulding our core values, reawakening the giant in every Akwa Ibom blood through the Dakkada doctrine of self reliance and greatness.

Uneasy they say lays the head that wears the crown,there are things leaders see that their mouths are not permitted to outer. The engulfing Diplomacy stifles their vision,yet like Udom Emmanuel they must find away to make a mark in the annals of time.

We find it worrisome that men of honour are trading words with ungodly intent of political war to disdain a performer just to maintain vague supremacy with zero consideration of the ideal situation that is felt by the common man on the street. In the process of putting things right for the unborn Akwa Ibom Child,Governor Udom Emmanuel has had to put up with a lot of disprovable attitudes, characters and demeanors but there comes a time when the line must be drawn.

When the future of the next generation is at stake,when cripes of half truths attempt to take centre stage,its betrayal for the younger generation to pretend that all is well while being assailed by pretenders who love only in words but devoid of the general spread of goodwill. Political generosity for popularity should never be mistaken for heartfelt generosity with good intent without a desire to have fellow men in servitude.

Reading through Ambassador Assam Assam’s memorandum and Senator Anietie Okon’s supposedly online submission to Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio, I wonder within me “Why” at this sensitive period. Why such duplicitousness? Why make us look over our shoulder few months to the election, why threaten our trust and confidence in your wisdom? Though we suspected the possibility of this line of action from the Senator but we threw such to the winds only for our fears to behold our beclouded dizzy focal.

Did we hear the Attorney General say Akpabio was not briefed of the enormous work done in Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district? Let’s not go there, it does not speak well at all. We have always pondered to our better selves if All would have been well if Udom  Emmanuel had chosen the Obiano street tactics. Come to think of it, of what use is Anietie Ekong to Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio if he can not give the Senator detailed rundown of what Governor Udom Emmanuel has done,shouldn’t there exist a synergy of some sort between both media aides,yet Anietie Ekong chose to Attack Aniekeme Finbar for doing his job . Little wonder many suspect and believe Anietie Ekong to be the invisible hand behind the many lies that has been flying against Governor Udom Emmanuel of recent. Whose bidding has he been doing? Food for thought.
We may not know much,but we know that All is well at Ituk Mbang General Hospital, we know that all is well At Mbiaya,Anua,Ishiet, Adadia road, we know that all is well with the ranch. This may be the season to be selfish and proud of what one has. We know that all is well with the newly employed teachers by the Akwa Ibom State Government, We know that all is well with pensioners, at least they get their monthly pensions as at when due. We know that all is well with our young school leavers whom the government invest over 600 million yearly for free West African Examination Council(WAEC) fee. We know all is well with pregnant, lactating mothers and their babies from age 1-5 as they enjoy free medical care.

Mr Udom Emmanuel has sacrificed so much to placate Akpabio, Assam claim Udo Ekpenyong was a painful sacrifice of recent. My mumbled question is what and who has been sacrificed by Senator Akpabio to sustain this haunting partnership?

One needs to watch a video clip as a senior citizen accuses the younger generation of being the reason for the mess we are in as a country. We are considered a docile set of people who went to the village called Daura and empowered an old man who has no time to Google and know what is going on. Its sad that with your money you can’t even find fuel to buy.
We respect Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio exceptionally and it pains us to our marrow that he heats up the polity and makes himself the enemy of our convictions unwittingly.

We are convinced that the good works of Mr Udom Emmanuel as registered in the hearts of the electorates across board will justify his second term bid should he chose to run. We would have been quaky if Mr Udom Emmanuel was banking victory on Senator Godswill Akpabio rather than on fulfilling of campaign promises to the masses.

We have witnessed sincerity of purpose by Governor Udom Emmanuel in putting things right for our future. The management of the much hallowed Ibom Meridian Hotel and Specialist hospital has been changed because business without profit for tax payers sweat is a grand deception that must be discouraged.

Akwaibomites, if anything is not well anywhere, We think it more personal than the reality on ground that we have all witnessed. Across party divides we have interacted with APC loyalist that will massively vote for Governor Udom Emmanuel beyond political differences for results does not lie.

Too many Akwaibomites have been looking for Godswill Akpabio’s head on the platter but Udom Emmanuel shielded him,if they is any mortal on planet earth that should put hurdles before Udom Emmanuel, it should not be Godswill Obot Akpabio. If the kind of future this tongue wagging seeks to breed should suffice, than it shall be a sad one but we remain confident in the Governor we voted for in 2015, we are not perturbed since Providence will shame mortals for the sake of a secured future for our children.

Life is about choices, take our advice and stay with those who are convinced that all is well with this state for your company determines what accompanies you. Avoid men of misfortune else you die of their miseries.


*Micheal Joseph Okon* writes from Ituk Mbang. We are *Coalition Of Youth Leaders(CYL) In Akwa Ibom State.*


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