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Udom Emmanuel’s Success Story; Akwa Ibom APC’S Worst Nightmare


Micheal Joseph Okon, Uruan

No doubt Akwa Ibom APC is loosing sleep over the unprecedented legendry achievements of Mr Udom Emmanuel and is stopping at nothing to disparage genuine efforts with outright lies and half truths that seek to fool the gullible and unschooled in the well thought out lines of propaganda and conspiracy.

Top on the list is a stupendously paid Clement Ikpat of premium times who has reduced the hitherto respectable media platform to a cheap and unworthy twister of the people’s conscience for filthy lucre. It’s dangerous to ignore this ad hominem as mere diatribes for lies told overtime with such velocity becomes truth if not opposed. At seasons like this silence from any quarter is to be considered as betrayal for evil only prevail when good men do nothing.

Every failed attempt by APC’s sponsored apologists to abash the lofty performances of Mr Udom Emmanuel is rather drawing more attention and applauds to this visionary leader. Just of recent this Clement Ikpat and one Perry wallowed in further discordant tunes that elevated Mr Udom rather than pull him down as they expected when they called attention to roads constructed by Mr Udom Emmauel. In their usual foolhardiness, they claimed the roads where not marked according to standard.

The question in the minds of Akwa Ibom people to this shameless adults remains a poser; is marking of road more proof of fulfilment of campaign promises than the construction of roads?

In further display of ignorance, these purveyors of falsehood are attempting to cast mud on the fertilizer facility in Abak recently inaugurated for they loose sleep on every project undertaken by this administration, consistently putting their foot in their mouths by endorsing the existence, process and progress of industrial foundation laying while seeking to deny the workability of same.

Great things often come in little packages and folks who despise small beginnings have hardly amounted to significance, little wonder he has remained a commoner in the fourth estate with vast opportunities to awaken the true spirit of greatness worthy of an Akwa Ibom Son.

When people do not understand how partnership work, when acclaimed journalist do not comprehend terms of business entities they should rather seek clarification rather than seek to destroy the society with misdirected venom. The toothpick and pencil factory is up and running with made in Akwa Ibom trade mark, the metering plant is up and running, the fertilizer mill has hit the ground running, yet our opposing apologists who are more happy to destroy the state while thinking they are destroying Mr Udom Emmanuel’s chances for a 2nd term have refused to learn that the Hill Top Mansion is not for lazy minds.

More absurd is the loony bin attempt to sing the Udom Akpabio bad blood broken record track by pointing leprous attention to the absence of Senator Akpabio’s name on the plague. Clement Ikpat, please wake up, Senator Akpabio and Mr Udom Emmanuel have outgrown your kind of media pressure and are on a mission of results for Akwa Ibom people and not some vain glory which has been the bane of your pay master.

Its worthy of note that the federal government had since given provisional approval to Green Technologies, Abak in Akwa Ibom state for the milling of fertilizer as against the wild claim by Akwa Ibom APC apologists.
Akwa Ibom people are smarter by the day and will not be fooled into believing folks who do not believe nor seek the collective good of Akwa Ibom future, folks whose belly has become their god, folks who would rather import toothpicks and pencil than produce one, folks who would applaud another state for producing syringes than encourage our state to be at the front burner for political gains, deceptive brethren who would rather we import meters than have our plant, corrupt journalist out to destroy the fertilizer mill than speak well of it because of politics. What a shame.

More projects are in the coffers and this is just the beginning of sleep loss for Akwa Ibom APC apologists even as Mr Udom Emmanuel remains the custodian of the peoples mandate till 2023.


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