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Udom Is Still The Best


By Micheal Joseph Okon.

Not knowing what he was really worth in the political arena except from permutations based on his success stories within the private financial section of our economy,having not tested him in the murky waters of our nascent democracy, yet comparing him then and even now  to the likes of Umana Okon Umana, Nsima Ekere, Assam Assam, Okon Iyanam, James Udoedehe, Roberta Nyong of blessed memory,  and host others of the then G22 we were left with no other choice nor option than to declare Mr Udom Gabriel Emmanuel as the best amongst the best. Within this three Years of superlative performance its incontestable that Mr Udom Emmanuel is still the best and must be Right Again come 2019. What is Right is Right, it can’t go wrong.

At this era of Citizens participation in governance, its a near impossibility if not outright impossibility to deceive the electorates on the workings, performances and results bearing Democratic dividends of any administration. Politicians can’t fake results anymore, this age of social media click away interactions has returned Democracy back to the people and has denied fake politicians the leverage to usurp the masses. In this Era Politicians are engaged on a constant basis and issues are nipped on the bud for public judgement. The public court within these three years have always discharged and acquitted Mr Udom Emmanuel of any wrong doing in his services to us despite organized media attacks politically motivated and sponsored by recycled professional politicians who have always raped us silly without conscience over the years.

Having hit the ground running from day one unrelentingly, having surpassed his campaign promises and general citizenry expectations, having kept the Akwa Ibom flag flying in Nigerian project with pride, having boosted our Football relevance within and beyond the Nigerian Nation through the unprecedented victories of our gladiatorial Akwa United Team, having sustained Free and compulsory Education for the Akwa Ibom child, whereas the security and sanctify of citizen’s lives and property has taken the front burners under his watch, whereas health care facilities are consistently being ungraded to levels of best practices, whereas the media in Akwa Ibom State remains the freest in expression without intimidation, whereas this administration remains a listening, empathic and amendable administration to the best interest of the citizens on gray areas like teachers employment when unqualified teachers had to give way for the best that are being deployed to their stations to impact the next generation with the needed basics that makes for a viable society, having done all these and many more which our mortal minds are permitted to forget here for there are enormous, we are bound to agree further that Udom Is Still Right and The Best.

There hardly exist within these threes years any local government area that has not gotten a touch of the many developmental spreads in terms of road and bridge construction. The essence of political inclusion that bears state character can better be understood through the numerous appointments of hitherto forgotten, neglected and spited sects,class,tribes and ethnic groups.  To Mr Udom Emmanuel, biases of any kind should not be encouraged amongst us for we are all one and together is always better than avoidable factions.

Mr Udom Emmanuel remains the best in relationship management which has greatly helped in moulding the political atmosphere of this state cum the relative peace we are enjoying. This is one man that is never afraid to tell you no and you will be satisfied with that smiling, knowing too well that his no was for a general good. Udom Emmanuel will put you I his shoes while taking yours in sensitive decision making,little wonder the wise find him worthy of their following and undiluted loyalty.

At a stage when recession struck and our monthly allocation could hardly sustain us; Mr Udom Emmanuel somewhat performed that which pundits adjudge a miracle as salaries and pensions were paid timely and promptly to the amazement of other states whose workforces are being owed months of their take home pay. In a bastardized economy in Nigeria today under the APC led government, the worst that should be done to any man is to delay salaries and pensions, in these areas Mr Udom Emmanuel has remained a saint and must be applauded.
Wise Coaches never change winning teams, smart democracies always returned performing leaders, visionary citizens always ensure the best amongst them keep the lead. Mr Udom Emmanuel has proven himself worthy of our mandate which he personally christened; *The Divine Mandate* , he has never lost sight of the fact that he is nothing but our own Chief Servant, he has served us well, he has not disappointed our confidence in him, of a truth he is an example of that faithful servant worthy of more and higher responsibilities, for he that has been faithful in a term deserves a second term.


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