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Uruan: No Victor, No Vanquished


Micheal Joseph Okon

Yesterday the curtain was drawn and battles won, with calm nerves and curtailed celebrations of victories, Rt Hon Tony Akan proved his political sagacity, he strode on high hills,he gave many sleepless nights because he is at home with his people, if you ask me, I will tell you that Tony Akan was the real hero yesterday. Standing your ground against  all odds with 55 Votes against 82 with zero ad-hoc delegates made you the hero and a force to be ignored at ones peril.

Congratulations to Rt Hon Aniekan Bassey, you defended as a true Atakpo,you have given Southern Uruan the chance to also have a Right Honourable though another hurdle lays on the way: Hon Kufre Etuk returns to reclaim his mandate of 2015.

In all, we are grateful  that no life was lost and no life shall be lost during the general election.  We will go out and vote our conscience and remain together after the election.

If PDP must have a chance of victory in Uruan State  Constituency 2019,Rt Hon Tony Akan must be placated  stupendously immediately.

A dilemma stirs Uruan on the face, between  Hon Aniekan Bassey of PDP and Hon Kufre Etuk of APC, how will Uruan decide?  As for Mr Udom Emmanuel’s victory in Uruan that is incontestable.

*© Micheal  Joseph Okon* is a Public Affairs Analyst


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