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Why Desperation Characterises Nigeria’s Politics – Okoh


Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, the Primate of all Nigeria Anglican Communion, says desperation will continue to characterise Nigeria’s politics until servant leadership is practiced.
Okoh said this in Ibadan on Friday at the 2019 University of Ibadan Alumni Association lecture entitled: ‘Servant leadership: Remedy for Politics of Desperation in Nigeria’.
Okoh urged Nigerians to take a cue from Jesus Christ who remained the formost servant leader of all times.
He said: “The way forward is demostratable service, underpinnined by genuine and selfless love; considering others first before self; sacrificial love and service, accountability to God and people as well as self-evaluation as a means to enhance performance.”
Okoh further recommended reorientation of Nigerians to internalise servant leadership attributes for the good of the nation.
He said: “A way forward should be to reduce the financial reward of political office holders at the three levels of government so that only those ready to serve would come forward.
“The religious bodies should recapture the teachings on sacrifice, commitment, humility and self-denial which have fallen victim in our popular religion today.
“Monetary requirement for buying nomination forms from political parties should be constitutionally reduced so that a poor man can afford it.”
Earlier in his address, the Vice Chancellor, University of Ibadan, Prof. Idowu Olayinka, stated that the problem of Nigeria was leadership.
Olayinka said: “Nigeria is in dire need of servant leadership; the Nigerian problem is the unwillingness or the inability of its leaders to rise to its responsibility of the challenges of personal examples which is the hallmark of true leaders.
“A large percentage of Nigerian politicians or aspiring ones are interested in governance for the selfish reason of acquisition of wealth.
“It is the manner in which politics is played and what the people who seek power use it for that shape governance and development of a nation.”


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