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Whyte Bom Bom At War Of Facts With Uruan Students


…Calls Gov Udom Emmanuel a lair*

Paul Edem.

As Desperation to become Uruan State House Representative come 2019 gradually takes it’s toll on Emmanuel Nicholas Okokon, a more implicating video of the solidarity visits of Uruan Students to his Palace has emerged from Whyte Bom Bom himself. It is this clip that he claims as an endorsement which The World President of Uruan Students; Comrade Atakpo Nsikak Edem, the Choir master of the very Solidarity visit and sole signatory to the Press Release denouncing the controversial endorsement of Whyte Bom Bom.

A careful look at the said video shows an intelligent ambush of innocent students who think in terms of getting peanuts from aspirants while tabling their concern.

It is the character of students to pay such visits to aspirants, it is the nature of students in their ” *this and that hustling* ” to approach the well to do in the society with the intent that they shall be given a space to stand and take the world.

Mr Emmanuel Nicholas Okokon knowing the inclination of this is innocent student body, took advantage of their ignorance yet in a swift response the students have denounced ever endorsing him.

As an intelligent aspirant, Whyte BIM Bom should have left it there rather than seek war of facts against this innocent lads,for he might win online but has lost their hearts and votes, sometimes the best way to handle a misunderstanding is to ignore it,but desperation to rule Uruan people thinks the contrary.

Chanting Solidarity songs, is not Endorsement. Besides are there no women in the student body that should have joined to Endorse? Come to think of it is it,isn’t it a show of desperation that Whyte Bom Bom will share an impromptu visit of students who were kept standing outside his Palace at White BOM Bom crescent, he claimed the meeting lasted for hours, yet the video says 11:38 minutes. What kind of a man will keep those who endorse him standing for 3 hours?

Governor Udom Emmanuel visited the market when traders wanted to endorse him, Ati Annang invited him to Annang land for Endorsement, Afiwad Ekid took him to Eket For Endorsement. Oro Nation did same in their terms, The Ibibio’s endorsed Gov Udom Emmanuel on As an Ibibio grounds. How come Whyte Bom Bom took the hustling of a few students so serious to his embarrassment.

He knew he was going to forward the Video to Governor Udom Emmanuel and Hon Ephraim Inyang that the Students are with him,not knowing that the students will arise to defend their integrity and denounce him to eternal ridicule.

These students have paid solidarity visits to other industrious sons and daughters of Uruan, even to aspirants chanting same songs of success without endorsing any, yet none of this people have gone on air nor sponsored articles transforming students visits to endorsement.

Be that as it may Videos seem to speak for itself in as much as technology has advanced to a level where faces can be superimposed to make you do and say unthinkable things.

Let’s note the following points from the video and spare Uruan Students the trauma caused by one visit too many to a double standard politician;

1) Their impromptu on the spur of moment song of Whyte Bom Bom must success lacked specification and should not be taken for endorsement. Succeed as Uruan Son, as SA to the Governor, as a Journalist or what? We believe the student body will yet clarify their chant.

1) The Student leader in his speech said they *Congratulate* him on his *Aspiration* , they did not say they Endorse him for Uruan State Constituency 2019.

2) The Student leader Said;  National Association Of Uruan Students (NAUS) was for PDP and Udom Emmanuel, he never said in specific terms anything on unanimous endorsement of Whyte BomBom.

3) Whyte Bom Bom himself was in doubt of their visit and position, little wonder he said *if your visit was sincere*( *paraphrased* ).

4) He Whyte Bom Bom lied as his nature is when he claimed he is sponsoring over 20 pupils in Primary and secondary schools when Education is Free in Akwa Ibom. *By that statement he makes Gov Udom Emmanuel his Boss, Our Governor a liar.*  We should be careful the kind of Video we release to full some people, for not everyone buys a dummy. We should be careful the kind  lies we tell in the public.


The mere fact that he Whyte Bom Bom refused to debunk the erroneous chant of Education must be free by the student body by bringing to their Knowledge that Education is free and compulsory in Akwa Ibom defeats his office as SA to the Governor, that he could not enlighten the youths that Akwa Ibom State government spends over 600 million naira annually as WEAC fee to alleviate the pains of our young school leavers and their poor parents, speaks volume of his consent to a lie or ignorance against the efforts of the Akwa Ibom State government and Mr Udom Emmanuel, his Boss. This is not the kind of man that should fly PDP ticket in Uruan come 2019 for his interest is consumes him more than the bigger picture; *Udom Emmanuel.*

5) By dropping names of Rt Hon Usenobong Akpabio, Obong Ntukudeh, he played on the intelligence of the students to believe him,but these men are too honourable to join in stealing endorsement that does not exist from Uruan students. This men might have been on the fence before, but they can not follow this path of war against their sons and daughters whom Whyte Bom Bom has taken advantage of today.

*My Submission*: The Students were ambushed by a double standard politician, he gave them peanuts on camera to embarrass them for life. We know you(students) will not forgive him for that and will never vote for a man that turns a solidarity visit for endorsement, but find the heart to, its simply a matter of desperation.

*Read more from The President, Uruan Students; University of Uyo

“Well, I was not there, I refused to go because I knew that something like this may come up and also I can not visit a man I know he doesn’t have any good plan for the students. I forwarded those letters because having conducted an interview with those that went there and played the video and not seeing anything like endorsement. Solidarity visit is inevitable for students and that is what they did ,they didn’t endorse him. Those songs he used against them has always been sang and can be sing to anyone.

So sir, I’m the president of Uruan students in university of Uyo, I was not there in the scene and Uruan students in university of Uyo chapter didn’t endorse him and even world wide .

I was pissed off when I heard him talk on Atlantic FM on Saturday, I  called and my call was taken during the interactive session. I started asking questions but for them knowing the mode I used, hung up my call.

I’m Iniobong Effiong

President Uruan students university of Uyo, I was not there and I did not endorse him


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